Update 12.07.2008: I’ve got the 2nd place with my logo, and the 1st place with my favicon! One can still choose another theme, where my logo and my favicon is used:

I just send my submissions to this contest, hopefully I’ll win!

The favicon is based on the logo, so it can unleash its power much better when used in connection with the logo, but can also be used on its own as it has the letters “u” and “l” inside, standing for UserLogos(.org).

The Logo itself tries to show the adaptability of UserLogos.org and its users by having different versions, different shapes, different effects (shadow or glow) and different colors.

The items themselves should act as generic logos, trying to represent logos itself without having to be connected with for example Google, Ebay, Wikipedia and so on.

For the case the background is dark, this version should be chosen:

And finally the favicon:

Oh so tiny!

That’s it! What do you think? What could I improve?