On this year’s GUADEC Benjamin Berg proposed to have a monthy IRC meeting to discuss GNOME Artwork related issues. This meeting could be done for example on every first Saturday in the month at maybe 20:00 UTC.

“By having a meeting about GNOME Artwork I would like to make it easier for contributors of different modules to communicate and exchange ideas (both inside one module and between different modules).
I hope that this will also make it easier for new people to join the community.
We have several different areas where Artwork is needed in GNOME. There are the icons (Tango project), the themes (metacity and GTK+) but also marketing (eg. t-shirts, artwork for events like GUADEC).”

The next Gnome Art Meeting will be held (probably) on Saturday, August 2nd via IRC on #gnome-art (irc.gimp.net).

Every meeting will be announced two days in advance on gnome-themes-list and tango-artists. For those who cannot attend the meetings, there will be also summaries availiable.

Wiki: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeArt/Meetings

This is a banner I created for that meeting, feel free to use it anywhere else: